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Dr. Junker publishes book "Success with consistent partners – Identification and selection of business cooperation partners"

July 16, 2016

The innovative method “consistency map”, developed by S2BMRC Team member Dr. Christian Junker, guides companies in a structured way to find and select most fitting business or University partners for their success. Partners can be HEIs (UBC) a s well as Business partners. The “consistency map” bases its suggestions on empirical findings, oftentimes suitable partner-types are revealed, which are unexpected at first.

Nowadays, partnering is essential for innovation and businesses in order to stay competitive. A partnership can either be formed as a joint innovative development of a proposal, as an increase in market share by generating economies of scale or even as an acquisition of entire companies.

For business partnering, the question is which organisations match and which constellation can be successful. To facilitate the search and selection process of adequate partners, the consistency map is a valuable new method and tool.