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Managing disruptive change: The second “workshop” raised expectations on a promising University Business Collaboration

February 08, 2017

After a successful workshop on “disruptive change”, participants of collaboration companies and project members from the S2BMRC were more than satisfied with the outcome. The general interest on the extremely current topic of “disruption” and “disruptive innovation” increased and first approaches emerged.

Notwithstanding that “disruption” is a trend word and used across all industries and functionalities, a common understanding – focusing on the business context – was needed. Extensive scientific research outlines that firms traverse various phases: from development to niche market implementation to finally reaching the mainstream market implementation phase. Especially the transition into the mainstream market implies the necessity of tackling incumbent firms in order to be disruptive.

Always actively involved in an open discussion, the collaboration partners (noventum consulting GmbH, Bernd Münstermann GmbH & Co. KG, Carl Nolte Technik GmbH, Vossko GmbH & Co. KG, VENTAFLEX GmbH & Co. KG) are sure: disruption does not only concern the start-up companies and newcomer, but also well-established firms ought to be aware of their industry and disruptive potential. Within the workshop, Neele Petzold and Alexander Schmidt (both team members of the S2BMRC) seized the opportunity to present topical research findings, especially on the importance of timing within the frame of disruption. A specifically developed process model shall give remedy to this issue by visualizing the development phases (from technology development to mainstream market development) within a process and highlighting crucial hubs. Based on this screening model, the S2BMRC provided the Münsteraner-companies with first valuable perspectives tailored to their particular business, including the exposure of risks and opportunities within their industry. Both, the collaboration partners and the members from the S2BMRC left the workshop with lots of new ideas and anticipations to ensure a successful development of the “MaDiC” (Managing Disruptive Change) project and foster their fruitful collaboration.

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