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S2BMRC continued its year of 15th anniversary by partnering UIIN Conference in Dublin

June 10, 2017


With close to 500 participants from 60 countries, the Dublin event was the largest UIIN conference so far and a clear recognition of the increasing importance of the conference topics. Over three days the conference gave access to a wide variety of presentations and workshops from academics and practitioners on University-Industry engagement. The conference was providing a platform to interact, share knowledge, and establish new contacts with peers.

S2BMRC is the UIIN incubator and closly cooperating with UIIN in Amsterdam. Thus, the S2BMRC Team contributed substancially to the 2017 conference.

The conference Team enjoying the venue: Aviva Stadium
The S2BMRC Team proudly presented a number of conference activities

  • A full day Workshop on “University-Business Cooperation Workshop: Developing Knowledge Transfer and University Engagement”, by Dr. Todd Davey and Arno Meerman, supported by Dr. Victoria Galàn Muros and Balzhan Orazbayeva (7.6.)

  • Key Note Speaker: “The state of UBC in Europe – Results of a major Study in 33 Countries of Europe” by Dr. Todd Davey (9.6.)

  • Paper presentation: “What makes a University Engaged? Results of a major Study of European Higher Education Institutions” by Dr. Todd Davey and Dr. Victoria Galàn Muros (9.6.)
  • Paper presentation on “Case Studies on Teachers’ and Students’ role in UBC – cases from Germany, Finland and Poland ”, presented by Prof. Thomas Baaken (Paper by Kari Laine, Thomas Baaken, Mirka Leino, Janusz Teczke, Piotr Sedlak) (9.6.)
  • Paper presentation on “The Future of University-Business Cooperation: The Emerging Trends and Issues for UBC Policy, Practice and Academic Work”, presented and written by a/Prof. Carolin Plewa and Balzhan Orazbayeva (9.6.)
  • Paper presentation on “Educators as Academic Intrapreneurs: An Entrepreneurial Social Networking Perspective”, presented by Prof. Ingrid Wakkee (Paper by Sue Rossano and Ingrid Wakkee) (9.6.)
  • Track Chair “Innovation in Universities: Powering the Innovation Engine” (9.6.), chaired by Prof. Thomas Baaken
  • Poster Presentation “The Quintuple Helix Approach to Co-design a Framework for a Policy Dialog on Research and innovation”, presented by Mihai Melonari
  • Next Practice Award of the Conference sponsored and awarded by S2BMRC (9.6.)

S2BMRC is looking forward to further co-developing the topics of UBC, Science driven Innovation, Entrepreneurial Universities, Engaged Universities, Science Marketing, and others.

UIIN is a spinoff of S2BMRC and a cooperation partner:
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