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OECD “Higher Education Stakeholder Meeting" in Paris, France under participation of S2BMRC

September 22, 2017

The OECD Higher Education Stakeholder Forum helps strengthen the OECD engagement with higher education and stakeholders to ensure views, insights and interests of a range of perspectives. Through the forum OECD tries to identify emerging challenges and policy concerns in the higher education and to gain valuable feedback to enhance the quality and relevance of their work on higher education.

Stakeholders include higher education institutions; representative bodies; regional and international networks and groupings of institutions; students groups; employers and trade unions; representatives of academic and other higher education staff; and foundations and research centres.

During the forum the S2BMRC-Team (Prof. Dr. Thomas Baaken, Managing Director of the S2BMRC, Prof. Dr. Todd Davey, Project Director, and also former S2BMRC Member a/Prof. Dr. Carolin Plewa from ECIC University of Adelaide). Dr. Victoria Galan Muros, also a former S2BMRC Member, now joined OECD to support develop the new HEI unit in OECD.

Participants of the forum were asked to work together and provide input and feedback on the OECD’s work on higher education and exchange views. A limited the number of participants to around 100 key stakeholders from around the world and a range of different organisations were invited.

Details on the annual OECD Higher Education Stakeholder Forum are available online at