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S2BMRC strengthening relationships with DAAD

November 27, 2017

In the past weeks, S2B Deputy Director, Prof Dr Kliewe, and research associate Lina Landinez participated in two DAAD events on the topic of change management for entrepreneurial universities.

The first event, “Evolvement of Entrepreneurial Universities in the MENA Region”, was held in Cairo, Egypt on the 15-16 November. This workshop aimed to raise awareness and create a common understanding among managers of Higher Education Institutions (HEI) on the topic of entrepreneurial universities, what is needed in the change process and the societal impacts involved.

The participants were mostly from Egyptian universities that have either started a process of becoming entrepreneurial or had interest on the topic. Other participants were from German universities and other countries like Pakistan. Prof Kliewe together with Dr Hadia Hamdy from the German University in Cairo led the workshop on “Higher Education Management: which structural changes are needed?”. The discussion focused on structural university settings together with resources, strategies and roles and responsibilities needed to become an Entrepreneurial University.

Lina Landinez acted as the rapporteur of the workshop which will result in a report. Additionally, Lina is part of the Policy Paper Taskforce Team which will development of a policy recommendations based on the workshop outcomes.

Prof. Dr. Kliewe at the “Evolvement of Entrepreneurial Universities in the MENA Region” Workshop, in Cairo

The second event, “Strengthening the role of universities in developing countries”, was held in Berlin on the 27-28 November. This conference debated the importance of training of top managers in HEIs to address current and future challenges and the role of universities in a changing socio-economic context. The participants were deans of different faculties and universities in developing countries from Asia, Africa and Latin America.

With the participation in these events, the S2BMRC aims to spark the conversation on entrepreneurial and engaged universities as a mechanism to address university’s first, second and third mission. To do so, the S2BMRC will further engage with DAAD to propose programs to develop entrepreneurial universities in Africa and to further train university staff around the world on the topic of engagement and entrepreneurship.