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Taskforce “Alfa Gamma Valorisation” of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam visited S2B Marketing Research Centre

October 09, 2013

The close cooperation of the Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre of Münster University of Applied Sciences and Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam got a new building block and was further developed into a new stage.

Dr. Ingrid Wakkee, Finette Lips and Diane Schöller have been appointed by the University’s board to form a taskforce to better valorise and link the disciplines of Social Sciences, Humanities at VU Amsterdam. Thus, the task force deals with all not technology related disciplines and areas of the University.

The so-called Alfa Gamma Taskforce is now in a critical phase to identify stakeholders, potential clients and partners, develop and provide a toolbox and checklist for creating strategies and activities for those departments.

Due to the research focus and experience in many projects with international Universities of the Science-to-Business Marketing Research Center in Münster in those topics raised interest to run a workshop together. Also Professor Baaken has been granted a Senior International Fellow position at the Faculty of Social Sciences at VU early 2013. The cooperation in the new activity of VU now builds on those strong linkages.

A number of tools, instruments and checklists were discussed and validated.

Finette Lips (VU Amsterdam), Nisha Korff (S2B Research Centre Münster), Prof. Thomas Baaken (S2B Research Centre Münster) Diane Schöller (VU Amsterdam), Dr. Ingrid Wakkee (VU Amsterdam) (from left)