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UIDP Executive Director, Anthony Boccanfuso, visits S2B Marketing Research Centre

October 14, 2013

On October 14th Tony Boccanfuso from the University-Industry Demonstration Partnership (UIDP), United States, visited the Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre at Fachhochschule Münster. Tony Boccanfuso attended last year’s Science-to-Business conference in Amsterdam, and came over to Europe to exchange ideas on University-Industry Collaboration, Science Marketing and other current topics with the Science-to-Business Marketing team.

With a trend towards more partnership focused activities in the United States, Tony Boccanfuso showed a high interest in the research the Science-to-Business Marketing team has completed over the past 10 years, amongst which the University-Business Collaboration Study for the DG Education & Culture and the Framework 7 project: TechAdvance. As Professor Baaken indicated "Both organisations show a large interest in the research and development of University-Industry Partnerships and have a long history in this area". Tony gave an insight in the current developments in the United States, which led to a discussion on different forms of potential collaboration between the Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre, its spin-off the University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN) and the UIDP.

All organisations involved have shown a high interest to further developing the relationship through support of each other’s activities and sharing research results and reports.