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Prof. Andrzej Jasinski, from the University of Warsaw, visited the Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre in Münster

December 01, 2014

Prof. Andrzej Jasinski, Head of the Unit for Innovation and Logistics at the School of Management of the University of Warsaw, visited the Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre in Münster to meet with Professor Thomas Baaken and his team of researchers.

After 25 years of transition in the economy of Poland, the University of Warsaw faces new challenges in order to fulfil its new role as an active agent in the innovation ecosystem of the region. Against this background, Prof. Jasinski has been assigned the mission to set up the “Knowledge and Technology Transfer Strategy” and has come to Münster University of Applied Sciences (MUAS) to learn about successful approaches, such as the Science-to-Business Marketing concept.

Further, Prof. Dr. Kiso, Academic Dean of the Faculty of Economics of the MUAS, received Prof. Jasinski to explain him the strategies and activities undertaken by the university in order to contribute to the innovation ecosystem for the region. In the same vein, Dipl.-Geograph Carsten Schröder, Vice-president of Technology transfer and Partnerships of MUAS, meet with Prof. Jasinsky to present him the strategy form the university and its unique model of transferring and cooperation.

Münster University of Applied Sciences and its Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre have been recognised as best practice case study for many years now. With its triangle for innovation in knowledge transfer and partnering, MUAS has been recognised as a best practice case study by PROTON, the European University Association and the European Commission. The interest from the University of Warsaw to learn from this model is a proof of the validity and importance of the Partnering Model for which MUAS is so well known.

Prof. Thomas Baaken (S2B Research Centre Münster), Prof. Andrzej Jasinski (University of Warsaw), Sue Rossano (S2B Research Centre Münster) (from left).