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HEInnovate Workshop with S2B Marketing in Münster

October 29, 2015

In Europe, the European Commission working with OECD have built an online self- assessment tool, HEInnovate (access at, as a guiding framework for the entrepreneurial university.

This framework focuses on 7 key pillars identified through a thorough review of existing research and thinking and with a group of experts from across Europe.

The tool aims to provide higher education institutions with the opportunity to reflect on their perceptions of strengths and weaknesses in each key area thereby helping to identify institutional development needs.

The pillars:

  • Leadership and governance
  • Organisational Capacity, People and Incentives
  • Entrepreneurship Development in Teaching and Learning
  • University-Business/External Relationships for Knowledge Exchange
  • The Entrepreneurial HEI as an Internationalised Institution
  • Pathways for Entrepreneurs
  • Measuring the Impact

Dr. Todd Davey and Victoria Galàn Muros from S2BMRC are certified trainers for HEInnovate and conducted the session.

A welcome address by Rolf Laakmann (Transferagency of MUAS) and a key note presentation by Professor Thomas Baaken (S2BMRC) on “How to get Universities closer to markets” framed the training session.