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100 times around the globe

July 18, 2012

Prof. Dr. Thomas Baaken and his team celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the research centre Science Marketing

Already 100 times the team of Science Marketing has circled around the globe. In total 4,2 million kilometers were travelled. Indeed, it was a long way from the first idea to the strategic approach for marketing research competences, capacities and performances. The head of the Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre, Prof. Dr. Thomas Baaken is therefore very happy: the research institute celebrates its 10th anniversary.
“It is a great feeling when an idea proves to be successful in such a way that it gives rise to an entire research centre” says Baaken in his welcome speech. His team has grown from three to 20 employees, originating from nine different countries. “The main task of the international researchers is to gather current knowledge as well as to develop new models, methods and instruments for university-business cooperation and science marketing”, Baaken explains.

The results is noteworthy: in the last years they organised 12 international conferences, held approximately 300 presentations and talks, participated in 27 workshops in 27 countries and made more than 70 instruments applicable for Science Marketing. The results generated more than 100 publications. “We are especially proud to be placed in scientific journals ranked highly internationally”, explains the head of the research centre.

What sounds like a success story is not always easy to handle in the daily research activities. “A big challenge is the lack of transparency in the assessment of our research proposals provided by the federal government, state and European Union” the university lecturer reports. This makes it difficult to learn from mistakes. To continue and to motivate oneself is one characteristic of the Science Marketing team. Due to this he especially thanks his employees: “The outstanding effort of all – beyond normal levels – is the reason for our success.”

The international researchers Todd Davey (Australia) and Victoria Galán Muros (Spain) were asked to speak at the anniversary. Their speeches particularly emphasised the engagement, interculturality and the integration of the team.

As far as the head of the research centre is concerned the team will continue to circle the globe a couple more times: “The Science Marketing research institute is soon going to be established as a cross-university institute in several international locations. We have now the maturity, the strength and most importantly the content to do so.