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Project with Fraunhofer INT completed with two presentations in Euskirchen.

January 13, 2016

The room was filled to the last seat, when Prof. Dr. Michael Lauster, head of the Fraunhofer INT Institute and Dr. René Bantes, Director of Technology Analyses and Strategic Planning, welcomed Professor Baaken and his students.

Thomas Baaken delivered an intriguing presentation on Science-to-Business Marketing, emphasising the message “Communication is Shouting - Marketing is Listening”. The presentation was well perceived by the audience, composed of some 80 representatives and researcher from various departments of Fraunhofer INT. Dr. Birgit Weimert gratefully agreed and stressed one of the key messages of Prof. Baaken that at Fraunhofer INT “… things can only be put into operation if evidence is provided numbers, data and facts.“ She also emphasised on the “excellent performance” of the students and trusts that “… suggestions will be incorporated in the end.”

In the student project, conducted over three months, 13 international Bachelor students and four Master students worked out strategic recommendations on how Fraunhofer INT could improve their product positioning and how to attract more customers from the private sector. Therefore, the project team took over the tasks of conducting a market and business model analysis, a survey on Fraunhofer’s image as well as a research on international best practice approaches in the field of technology foresight.

Besides a market analysis focussing on national competition, product positioning strategies and benchmark on international best practices were presented. Further a questionnaire was developed and telephone interviews with managers of medium sized and big companies were conducted to analyse Fraunhofer’s image within the private sector. With the help of the Value Proposition Canvas and the Business Model Canvas a proposed Business Model for Fraunhofer INT was developed. All results were then brought together to deduct consistent recommendations for Fraunhofer INT.

Experimental Project Presentation

Prof. Dr. Thomas Baaken presents the project results in form of a poster to Prof. Dr. Michael Lauster and Dr. René Bantes in front of the responsible students.

Prof. Dr. Michael Lauster introduces Prof. Dr. Thomas Baaken prior his presentation

Students from Münster UAS and representatives and researchers from Fraunhofer INT listen carefully to Thomas Baaken's presentation

About Fraunhofer INT:

Fraunhofer INT is a subsidiary of the renowned German Fraunhofer Gesellschaft and is located in Euskirchen nearby Bonn. This institute offers among others scientific-technical trend analysis and offers innovative consulting services, such as trend market analysis, lifecycle monitoring and technology foresight.

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