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PhD Candidate from the Science Marketing at the Münster University of Applied Sciences

July 04, 2012

More than 400 pages covers the doctoral thesis from Dipl.-Betriebswirt Tobias Kesting MBA who is a research associate at the Science Marketing research centre of the Münster University of Applied Sciences.

The 31 years old candidate of the research centre Science Marketing of the Münster University of Applied Sciences seems extremely happy. This is not only reasoned in the outstanding grade “very good” (magna cum laude). As a candidate of the PhD network with the International Hochschulinstitut Zittau (IHI) and selected University of Applied Sciences in Germany he successfully completed his disputation and therefore took the last hurdle to gaining a doctoral degree.

His topic deals with the interface between higher education institutions and companies. The experienced structural changes in the last decades in science, industry and society are progressing further in the future and benefit the necessary transformation into a knowledge society. The development is especially characterised by the fact that higher education institutions are increasingly involved in the generation of solutions of economic tasks and creation of innovations as well as expanding competitive advantages in industry and society.

With his work, Mr. Dr. Kesting investigated a topic which introduces the benefit and market orientation in knowledge and technology transfer in higher education institutions and lies therefore in the heart of this change, which was so far neglected in research.

At the same time market orientation is one key to success of the expanding field of action of higher education institutions. “The topic is gaining in importance and the work of Tobias Kesting has the potential to be considered as a standard work in this context” says Prof. Dr. Thomas Baaken, who is the supervisor on behalf of the Münster University of Applied Sciences.
Engaging in cooperative doctoral theses is the way which University of Applied Sciences pursue to graduate their best students. “The doctoral programme of the Münster University of Applied Sciences supported me to a great extent; all of the courses I attended have proven to be of great importance. I especially thank the faculty Business Administration for the continuous and outstanding support throughout my cooperative doctoral endeavours”, the newly appointed Dr. reports. He is happy and thankful that the faculty encourages cooperative doctoral endeavours to such a great extent.

Continuing his scientific career, Kesting seeks to apply for a junior professorship. He remains a member of the teaching staff for special duties in the area of marketing until February 2013 with 10 hours a week. “Following that, I really hope to start a job as a junior professor” says Kesting and looks very optimistic, the collaborative work with the research center Science Marketing is guaranteed in any case.