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Book on "The University-Business Cooperation Ecosystem" published by Victoria Galán Muros

October 15, 2015

As part of her dissertation, S2BMRC Team Member Victoria Galán-Muros successfully published her PhD thesis on "The University-Business Cooperation Ecosystem: an Evidence-Based Approach for the Management of European University-Business Cooperation" at VU Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.


The importance of the cooperation between universities and business is increasing in Europe, as it has proved to be on excellent source of innovation and on engine for economic recovery and growth towards knowledge societies. This is especially relevant in a European context with decreasing public funding for universities, business constant need to innovate, high unemployment rates and lock of global competitiveness. Facing these challenges, university-business cooperation (UBC) has become o priority for university managers, business and policymakers at all levels. However, its management and regulation ore extremely complex and its literature unclear, biased and fragmented.

This dissertation examines the phenomenon of UBC in Europe from the higher education institutions perspective. ln doing so, the strategic understanding of UBC is strengthened through the creation of the UBC Ecosystem Framework. Using an evidence-based approach, it further explores all the elements of the ecosystem in detail, such as UBC results, supporting mechanisms, barriers, drivers and some factors thot influence its development. This dissertation makes significant contributions to the UBC research field while also support the work of UBC managers and policymakers.