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Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre granted fund by the BMBF (The Federal Ministry of Education and Research) for Disruptive Change Project.

April 27, 2016

The S2BMRC proudly announces that it has been granted a fund from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research) for the project: "MaDiC - Innovative Geschäftsmodelle zur Bewältigung disruptiver Umbrüche in kleinen und mittleren Unternehmen", which translates to innovative business models for coping with disruptive change in small and medium enterprises.

Companies, today more often and more severe than ever, face sudden und significant change in their environment – so called disruptive change. These are accompanied by diverse upheavals in some industries, like for example through new technologies, dynamic markets, new legal regulations, social transitions, financial drops, etc.. The project elaborates the potential role of HEIs in supporting SMEs in those challenges.
Besides contributions to theory, the project promises multiple commercial benefit. New business models will enable companies to master disruptive change. This is due to the integration of competences and experiences that higher education institutions possess. Higher education institutions on the other hand can expand their range of services offered or found their own company, which will enhance the cooperation with the commercial sector.

The project will be conducted and supported by six partner companies, however the results of the project will benefit a variety of companies and higher education institutions as these will be published both as a handbook as well as through websites. This way the results will enable others to react towards or, respectively, initiate disruptive change in a focussed and conscious matter.

The project is due run for 3 years, beginning Mai 1st 2016 until April 31st 2019 and will be funded with a total volume of 483.000,00 €.