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Alexander Schmidt and Neele Petzold successfully delivered presentation on “Partnering in times of disruptive change” in Paris

May 25, 2016

After successfully publishing their paper on the topic of “Partnering in times of disruptive change”, Alexander Schmidt from the S2BMRC and Neele Petzold, a former S2BMRC team member, took the opportunity to present their findings at the 2016 International Conference on Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences in Paris, France.

In front of the international listeners from various disciplines, the authors discussed the approach of partnering with respect to the phenomenon of disruptive change. In fact, the constellation of a partnership as a hybrid form between a make and a buy was found to be under-researched in respective extant literature and built the basis for the focal investigation. The authors derived potential partner constellations that seem promising to not only react to disruptive change but also to proactively yield disruptive innovation within an industry.

Identified potential for further investigations in this regard will be taken up inter alia in the research project on "Managing Disruptive Change - Innovative Geschäftsmodelle zur Bewältigung disruptiver Umbrüche in kleinen und mittleren Unternehmen". The S2BMRC recently received a fund from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research for this 3-year project.

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Alexander Schmidt and Neele Petzhold

Alexander Schmidt and Neele Petzhold

Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris