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Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre contributed to UIIN Conference 2016 in Amsterdam

June 02, 2016

The UIIN (Spin off by S2B Marketing Centre) Conference 2016 was attended by 412 participants from 61 countries. The Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre (S2BMRC) as an official partner of the conference delivered a number of workshops and presentations:

The Pre-Conference Workshop “Science-to-Business Marketing” took place at Amsterdam Science Park and was facilitated by Prof. Thomas Baaken and Friederike von Hagen
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The traditional Technology Transfer as a Push-Process has to be complemented by a Pull-Approach: Marketing deals with customers and their needs and potential benefits. Science-to-Business Marketing applies this approach to HEI’s research and university-industry interaction. In this workshop you will further develop your market-orientation and learn methods how to put this approach into practice.

Also the Workshop offered a transfer of the new tool developed by S2BMRC “Business Potential Canvas” to not only industry but also to Society (“Benefitting Society Canvas”).

Further S2BMRC’s team member contributions:

Victoria Galan-Muros, Todd Davey, Carolin Plewa: An Integrative Classification Framework For The Results Of University-Business Cooperation
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Sue Rossano: The role of networking style with respect to entrepreneurial behaviour of academics
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Ixchel Brennan, Todd Davey, Cameron McCoy, Carolin Plewa: The challenge of Industry-University collaboration
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Tobias Kesting: Outsourcing of entrepreneurial activities: enhancing commercialisation or creating bottlenecks within the university ecosystems?
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Prof. Dr. Thomas Baaken in front of the conference participants